Photography — 16 September 2013

Wedding photos are such a wonderful way to remember your day and in time to come when you look back, will bring fond memories of the day at hand.

For decades now, wedding photos have looked quite similar and are generally taken by professional photographers. Of course, this is logical. Photos used to be quite expensive and before the digital age, each click mattered.

Nowadays, this is not the case. The digital revolution means that photos and images are now not nearly as cherished and this has brought a revolution in the wedding photo area. So, we’ve decided to come up with five great alternatives to or alongside the formal wedding photo to complement your big day.

Wedding Apps

The Wedding Party app is a fantastic one and allows people to upload all their mobile phone images to one central location online. The app can simply be downloaded by guests and all they have to do is upload to the app for public viewing. They can also leave messages below and you can even share on social media afterwards.

Disposable Camera

The disposable camera is a great addition and though we know that it’s not exactly at the cusp of the digital age, it’s still a great way to get images of people when they’re more relaxed. The other great thing is that you will also have a physical photo of the day at hand – something that doesn’t tend to occur as regularly in the digital age. Disposable cameras often tend to be a lot more fun too, as people can only take the image once and so there is no room for deletion or editing.


The Megabooth photobooth is also a fantastic addition to a wedding and offers a whole host of fun features. The booths are quite similar to passport photo booths but come with a range of great photo effects and also a wide range of costume additions that can really add a significant element of fun to the wedding party. The other great thing is that users get to take an image home and a duplicate copy is made for the bride and grooms to keep and cherish. They’re a lot of fun and something that a lot of people love to engage with on the big day.


There are a number of digital instant printers out there and these can be a fantastic way to document the big day. Instead of people feeling that they are being watched, placing a low cost digital instant printer at a number of locations around the room allows people to print their mobile phone snaps. It’s a great way to get those fun snaps and catch people at their most relaxed – the best way to remember the big day.

Wedding apps, wedding photo booths and disposable cameras all have their place and part to play in the wedding and can provide a fun, intriguing and un-editing alternative to the big day.

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