Jewelry — 24 September 2013

Finding that dream wedding dress may have felt great, but there’s more to looking absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day than just wearing the dream dress that you’ve always wanted. We’re talking about accessories, of course, and what better way to accessorize than with jewelry?


While it may sound so easy to do, chances are, you may find yourself swamped by all the choices that you could select from. Not to worry! Here are 5 simple tips that can help you narrow down your choices and choose the perfect set of jewels for your wedding:

1. Don’t over-accessorize

The worst thing that you could do would be to overdo the accessories, and end up being outshone by all the bling that you’re wearing. All those shimmering shiny little things may be beautiful, but the day should be all about you and not about the jewels you’re wearing. Keep in mind that the accessories should help complete your look, not steal the show – and everyone’s attention – away from you.

2. Keep with the colors

It’s important to match your accessories with the color of the gown that you’re wearing. With white being the most common color for wedding dresses, it may seem to be a safe color to pair with anything. However, there are different shades of white, and the shade that you’ve chosen plays a vital role in the type of jewels you ought to be wearing with it. Pure bright white goes best with pearls, off-white with shining gold and silver, while ivory white gowns are best paired with gold accessories. Should you decide to go with a different color altogether for your wedding dress, make sure to check that the jewelry you plan to wear with it won’t clash.

3. Mind your neckline

The type of neckline your dress should have should consider the type of upper body that you are endowed with. If your shoulders and clavicles are certain features that you are proud off, then choose a neckline that shows them off, such as a sweetheart cut or a strapless gown. For accessories, you can opt for bold multi-strand or collar necklaces paired with button earrings. Or keep it simple around the neck altogether and go for those great chandelier earrings you’ve always wanted to wear. Just make sure not to overdo it and pair them both together to make a statement. If your neckline already has a lot of embellishments, however, you may consider doing away with the necklace and large earrings altogether, and keep it simple with drop diamond earrings that won’t take away from your dress but frame your face just right.

4. When in doubt, go with the safe option

When a decision is hard to come by, even when keeping the above tips in mind, you can always go for the safe option and use the backup pairing that’s been guaranteed to work with most kinds of wedding dresses: a pair of diamond earrings with a choker of diamonds or pearls. In case your dress has a halter neckline, however, the choker can be replaced with a bracelet instead. The key is to keep it low-key and sophisticated to get that timeless look that shouts effortless.

5. Use what you have

If all else fails, just go with whatever you have. Not only will you be more comfortable in something that you already have and have been accustomed to wearing, it will also project a more personal image as your accessories would then be a reflection of your own personality.

Whatever accessories you do decide to wear on your wedding day, just remember that the day is all about you and your partner, and not about the jewelry that you have on you.

About the author: With over four years of professional writing experience, Tara Bernal currently writes wedding articles for Music For Scotland, a music agency who presents regularwedding band showcases in Glasgow. Aside from aiming to see as much of the world as possible, she  likes breakfast food, piano pieces, boat rides, and mocha lattes.

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