Wedding — 16 September 2013

Marriage is the most awaited occasion and wonderful thing to happen. It is a memorable moment and should be organized in a manner that it remains as the most mesmerizing affair not only for you but also for the guest joining in.


You might have heard about various traditional marriage styles, but here are some whacky ideas for the ones who have their marriage date approaching.

If you are searching for some amazing and crazy places to get married but unable to find one, don’t worry. This article may help you with wonderful ideas pertaining to wedding venues, helping you to gather spellbinding memories.

How about Underwater Venue:-  Exchanging rings in the pristine surrounding of  blue water can be an ecstatic moment.  It can be one of the craziest experiences to have forever. But before you plan for this wedding venue, make sure that you are through with the scuba diving lessons.

Also arrange for a photographer who is expert in underwater photography.

On a Hill top:- Another crazy venue which you can choose is mountain or hill top.  Make your marriage eve a memorable one. Get in contact with the caterers there and see that you have everything arranged the way you wanted it to be.

Book an open venue where you can get complete view of the nature while exchanging rings. The scenic beauty of the mountain can add perfect background to the wedding photographs.

Mid Air Wedding:- This wedding venue can cost you a fortune, but if you are planning to spend good and looking for some bizarre wedding places then midair wedding can provide you with best experience.

Bi-planes are used to make it possible. For the wedding couple two bi-planes are arranged. The planes fly close together. Each one is securely strapped and when the marriage ceremony is executed and wireless transmission is done to the audience on the ground.

Hot Air Balloon: -Do you want to try something which none of your friend or relatives have never tried it before? How about you and your spouse flying high on big colorful hot air balloon? Isn’t it really exciting, if you’re getting married as per the Christian rituals, you always have the choice of exchanging rings in mid of pleasant view, enjoying the best moments of your life. Or if you have Hindu customs to be followed, you can plan your vidaai in Hot air balloon instead of the lavish car.

In the Jungle: – How about planning your wedding in some lonely place like a jungle or a desert. You can keep the scenic background as the theme of the occasion and can ask the caterer to make the arrangements as per the venue chosen.

Hunt for some famous jungle spots where you can arrange your wedding eve.

Skate Marriage: - Are you looking for high heels to match up to the height of your partner? If yes, shrug off the thought and put on your roller skates. If you are not good at skating, take some lessons with your partner so that you both perfectly whiz around on your wedding day.

Zero Gravity Wedding: -You might have seen it in movies but how about experiencing it on your own wedding day. Host a zero gravity wedding and add wonderful memories to your wedding kitty. This wedding plan cost you little more but if you can manage to do it, you can boast off one of the best wedding ever.

Subhadra Bhadauria is a zealous writer for famous site Jeevan Her cogent writing style and article variations upgrade the readers with ample of information on matrimony relations.  Marriage is an important occasion, corroborating it; she suggests most crazy wedding venues to make it a memorable affair.

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