Wedding — 09 October 2013

The mother of the bride has a far tougher job than most at a wedding and so deserves to enjoy the day and also look great when they’re at it. We’ve compiled a number of tips to ensure they do so through the course of the day.

For the mother of the bride, choosing a good outfit is so important. Obviously the bride will get the most attention; however her mother may be the second most noticed person in the room and needs to look great. We have compiled some tips.


The tone of the outfit is so important and as you’ll be looking back at it for years to come, you need to think carefully here. Wear a colour that works with the tone of the wedding and that complements the bridal party. Looking for a similar shade to the bridesmaid’s dresses can work but also similar to the wedding theme can help. This ensures you look part of the group but aren’t stealing the limelight.


The best shapes are the ones that complement your shape. So, choose a dress that works with your shape and complements the way you look. So, if you’re a pear shape wear a jacket that stays above the hip and if you’ve got long legs show them off. It’s about choosing the best clothing and accessories to help improve your shape.


The wedding day is a long one and you could be wearing the same clothes and shoes for 12 hours or more. You need to ensure that it’s comfortable, especially as you’ll be inside, outside, standing, sitting and dancing. If it’s warm try and ensure the fabrics you choose allow air through to the body. If it’s winter wedding thermal underwear is fine as long as it’s covered.


Buy the shoes well before the wedding to ensure they’re worn in for the day well in advance. Cushioned insoles can make all the difference on a wedding day if you’re intending on having to stand, say hello and dance. Purchase some gel insoles if you don’t already have them and the shoes you purchase could potentially be uncomfortable.


The fit of mother of the bride outfits is also very important and you should ideally get measured to ensure you get it right. Avoid using sizing as a guide and if needs be get the dress altered as it can make all the difference between you looking amazing and not so amazing.


Ideally, purchase the dress 6 months before the big day and try the dress on regularly in these months to ensure it fits well and there are no issues. Purchase bags, shoes and jewellery in the coming weeks up to the wedding and ensure to have everything 6 weeks before the wedding. This gives you the chance to ask other people their opinion. Ask the other mother of the groom what they are wearing, as it’s a good way to bond and avoid clashes of clothes.


The right hair is also important and again you need something that’s both you and comfortable. Add a little glamour if needs be, but just ensure that you look good and feel comfortable. Even if it’s the most beautiful hairstyle in the world and you’re not comfortable with it, it will show. Also ask your daughter what she’s wearing on the big day and how her hair is going to be before choosing.

Follow these tips and you should look great at the wedding, feel comfortable and be well able to dance the night away.

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