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On the whole, bridal boutique consultants tend to love their job. They get to see happy, hopeful women each day and give them a fun and special outfitting experience. As in any business, though, some customers tend to be a bit inconsiderate and difficult to take. If you don’t want be one of those customers, here’s a quick set of tips on the bridal boutique etiquette that’s expected.

If you are only looking (and not shopping), you should warn the store

Shopping at a bridal salon isn’t like shopping at a regular clothing store. Since bridal gowns are very special to the brides who buy them, salons take a lot of time serving each customer. You get your own sales consultant for an hour or more. At boutiques where they sell Lazaro Wedding Dresses and designer gowns, for instance, you typically need to go in with an appointment. Bridal shops can only give out a few appointments each day. When a sales consultant spends an appointment on a person who is just looking for some fun, it costs her a potential commission. If you are only looking, you should warn the store when you make your appointment.

Prepare for your appointment

A surprising number of brides show up at bridal salons completely unprepared for their appointments. They come in without having showered or changed their clothes, for instance. Here’s a short checklist on how to go in prepared.

  • Be clean – shower right before the appointment, put on deodorant and wear fresh clothes.
  • Wear your hair in a style that keeps your shoulders bare. This helps both you and the consultant properly judge the neckline on each dress and its effect on your shoulders.
  • Since trying on dresses over the course of a full wedding dress appointment can be exhausting work, it’s important to have a meal before you come in. It should be a light meal, though, so that there is no tummy bulge for the dress fitter to worry about. It could be an idea to wear with control top underwear to help flatten any bulge.
  • The lighting at bridal shops tends to be very bright and revealing. Many brides are dismayed at how the lighting tends to show up every skin flaw. When they are distracted in this way, the dress selection process slows down. It’s important to wear some makeup.
  • While makeup is a good idea, it’s important to remember how your makeup can get on the dresses you try out and take off over your head. You need to be careful.

Bring the right pair of shoes

It can be difficult deciding what shoes and underwear to wear to your bridal dress appointment. It’s important to wear the same kind of underwear and shoes that you will on your wedding day. Yet, you can’t choose these important accessories until you have your wedding dress. It’s often a workable compromise to pick shoes for the appointment that are no taller than the shoes you will wear at your wedding. Your underwear should be similar to what you will wear at your wedding, too.

Bring the right sort of company

It’s important to have someone you trust come along with you on your appointment. However, bringing too many people in to your appointment can ruin the atmosphere. Having multiple people trying to get an opinion in can make the shopping experience difficult. You should also make sure that you don’t bring children to the appointment. They can be very distracting.

Ask the store about their policy on photography

Different bridal salons have different policies on whether or not to allow photography in the store. Some have a strict policy against it because they fear that their designs will be plagiarized. Others are more easygoing. It’s important to respect the store’s policy in the matter.

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