Wedding — 20 September 2013

Dressing for a Wedding this Winter.

There is something undeniable magical and romantic about winter weddings, especially if the bride and groom are lucky enough to have a snowy wedding day. Of course, like most women, you’ll probably start wondering what to wear the second you open your wedding invitation and the key to picking your outfit for a winter wedding  is finding something that will keep you warm when outside, but not too warm for the rest of it!

Some people prefer dressing for winter weddings as the cold temperatures mean that you can cover up a bit more and you don’t have to worry about getting hot and starting to wilt a bit. Whilst in summer you have to worry about your legs looking flawlessly smooth and tanned, you can wear tights in winter , which has the advantage of both keeping your legs warm and making you feel more comfortable in skirts and dresses. You really need to go for black opaque tights in a high denier; these are not only more practical as they are less likely to tear or ladder, they are more flattering, go with more colours and are less aging than nude tone tights.

Colour-wise, try to go for rich, jewel-tones such as burgundy and plum which look elegant and really fit in well with the season. This being said, one of the biggest colours this winter is set to be dusky rose, which is easy to wear, makes fair and pale skin tones look brighter and has a romantic feel to it. If you are the mother of the bride, there are some schools of thought that say your outfit must be the same colour as the bridesmaids, but the matching look can look slightly out-dated, so you could try a shade in the same colour family, say wearing navy if they’re in powder blue.

A tailored jacket with a skirt is a classic look which really works for winter weddings as it not only looks smart, you can wear the jacket outside to stay warm and then remove it when you are inside. Look for quality fabrics and a tailored, flattering cut, such as the occasion wear from CC which have a timeless, yet fashionable look. Wearing a patterned blouse underneath adds a touch of interest and this season’s trend of ‘winter floral’, which are basically floral patterns in darker, richer shades look fantastic and are a way of wearing flower prints without looking too ‘mumsy’. You can wear trousers instead of a skirt if you feel more comfortable or it is due to be very cold, in fact this can look more chic and modern than a skirt. The key is to find a cut that suits you in a fabric that will be comfortable to sit, stand and dance in all day, such as a wool blend.

Your accessories complete your outfit, but can also be practical. For example, wearing a hat instead of a fascinator is more keeping with the season and adds some extra warmth, or a cosy pashmina can be worn for outside photos, especially when it gets dark. All you then need to add are some closed toe shoes or boots and your effortlessly elegant winter wedding outfit is complete.

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