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When trying to catch a woman’s eye, it is important to be mindful of how you are dressed. Here are some clothing items that women are sure to find irresistible.

V-neck Shirts-

There is nothing better to a woman than the glimpse of the skin of a man’s chest with a v-neck shirt. Dark colors, especially black, are classy and sexy at the same time. Make sure to keep the area of your chest that is showing free of hair.

Fitted Blazers-

When the occasion calls for it, a nice Blazer that fits well is a great addition to a man’s look. When going out to a semi-formal dinner, try a nice pair of jeans dressed up with a black blazer and a button down shirt, with a couple of the buttons undone.

Faded Vintage Style Jeans-

On a casual or semi-formal day, a nice pair of jeans can do wonders for catching a women’s eyes. Faded vintage style jeans are the preference here, although other well-fitted jeans will do as well. They should be tight enough that the women can see your butt, but not too tight that it looks like you may have found them in the women’s department. Add a nice belt to finish up the look.

Ties –

On a special occasion or a day in the office, a nice neck tie can pull your outfit together. Women enjoy knowing that their man knows how to complete his outfit. On the other hand, avoid bow ties at all cost, they are a definite turn off for most women. Other good accessories to think about are a nice pair of cuff links and glasses that fit the shape of your face, if you need them.

A Nice Pair of Shoes-

Loafers, brown or tan colored especially, depending on the outfit they are going with, seem to be the preference here. Women also like to see men in boat shoes or nice dress shoes. Black is always a classic choice as well. You can usually find a good pair of shoes on many websites or in nice clothing stores.

Being mindful of where you got your clothing is important as well. Wearing made in usa clothing and eco-friendly clothing will give you points among the ladies. Women like to know that their man is thinking about what kind of impact their man’s clothing choices make not only on themselves, but also on those made it.

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