Beauty Tips — 11 September 2013

So your wedding is coming up and you are in serious need of getting rid of that belly bulge. When thinking of a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the dress. Weight loss is really all about fitting into your dress and looking great while doing it. Plus you want to look amazing in your photos, as well as on the honeymoon. There are many ways you can loose that belly bulge without resulting to liposuction.

Many women go through great strides to loose that access weight before they walk down the aisle. The problem is, many potential brides resort to over the top measures to drop the pounds.Quick fixes, extreme exercise and diet pills usually don’t deliver long term success.Brides should focus most on a healthy regimen and fitness plan.

Loosing weight quickly before your wedding means that you must track your food properly. It’s a must that you avoid hidden calories if you want to loose the weight and keep it off. It might be helpful to research the simple act of food tracking so that you know what foods to avoid.

The little myth that avoiding breakfast will help you loose weight fast is far from being the truth. Breakfast is the easiest meal to cook, and it creates a stage for your day. Having breakfast allows for your metabolism to fire up and get to moving. Studies have proven that eating breakfast can result in weight loss due to the fact that breakfast eaters consume less calories.

Making fitness your main priority is number one. There is no such thing as weight loss without a workout plan. Fitness is extremely important and must be coupled with a healthy diet. If you want to see great results you must work at it. And since your wedding is right around the corner, you should be focused on dropping the pounds quickly. This means executing a workout plan at least 3 times per week.

Be sure to limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol not only lower inhibitions, it will make you forget about your nutritional plan. Unless you want to pack on the weight, avoid alcohol until the special day. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories. If you feel as if you need a drink, try diet friendly drinks and limit your intake to a couple a week.

If you aren’t willing to go through the hustle and bustle of loosing weight the traditional way, liposuction is always an option. But the rewards are so much greater when you actually work towards your goal for that special day marked on your calender.

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