Beauty Tips — 29 September 2013

Every bride to be wants to look stunning on her big day, not to mention in the wedding video and photos. You want to walk down the aisle with all eyes on your beautiful dress, not on the parts of you that don’t fit into it. If you need to drop a few pounds before the ceremony, rest assured that it can be done. By following some simple guidelines you can ensure that you’ll turn heads at your wedding and the honeymoon.

Weight loss is a simple math problem. You must burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating. Your body will go into starvation mode if you don’t give it something. This means you need to keep track of what you put in your mouth, and more importantly how much. It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound. Merely by cutting out 500 calories a day, you lose a pound a week. Just don’t drop below 1,000 calories a day without medical supervision.

To help you stick to a lower calorie eating plan, eat breakfast every morning. By giving your body fuel in the morning after a long night of fasting you’re less likely to binge later in the day. Research shows that breakfast can assist weight loss efforts. A bagel with peanut butter and a piece of fruit is a great example of balanced breakfast with some carbs, protein, and produce.

Although planning a wedding is stressful, stay away from the sweets and the alcohol. If the in-laws are in town, this may be particularly challenging, but picture the zipper on your wedding dress not going up all the way and you’ll find the strength to say no to cookies and cocktails. Alcohol, fast food, sugary foods, and the like are all empty calories. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods that are full of nutrients and will give you energy. You’ll need those to avoid overeating and for exercise.

Dieting alone takes much longer to lose weight than if you exercise, and unless you’re planning a year-long engagement you don’t have the luxury of time on your side. Three strength training and cardio workouts a week are a minimum. You want toned arms, not flabby ones, for the world to see, right? Then don’t skip the weights. You can opt for Pilates or yoga instead of free weights though. More cardio than three days a week is even better. Thirty to 60 minutes a day on most days is ideal.

Anytime you feel yourself faltering, just think of all the cake and alcohol you’ll get to enjoy on your big day, and all the looks of envy on the faces of your guests when they see you rocking that wedding dress.

Robert Mackey is a keen Kickboxer in Ireland, and is an avid fitness fanatic. He has been writing on blogs, journals for several years and is currently one of the content producers for Skalp

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