Jewelry — 17 September 2013

Whether it is for you or a loved one, custom made jewelry’s value lies in its creation. It holds a history unique to each piece. Perhaps it is a brand new design; perhaps it is a family heirloom that has been revamped to suit a particular taste. Either way, it will accompany you or a loved one during some of the most memorable events in life. In essence, the multifaceted beauty of a custom piece, with the time spent creating it and the thought that goes into it, can become a lasting, personalized symbol of love and care. Some things to take into consideration when deciding whether to create your own custom piece:

It is Absolutely Unique
Custom designed jewelry that has been created by you holds one major advantage that no other kind of jewelry can feature: it is inimitable. Most jewelry that you come across has been designed without too much individuality so as to appeal to a large audience, therefor maximizing a particular profit margin. This is not the case with custom pieces. As individual as a thumbprint, the jewelry that is designed for or by you is also as unique as you.

Revitalize Family Heirlooms
That pendant or ring that your grandmother wore can hold just as much meaning– and sometimes more– than a brand new piece. Perhaps the style is just a bit outdated? This option gives you the chance to make improvements to a piece that you love but you think needs a bit of a dusting off. No need to worry if a family’s treasured ring, pendant, or set of earrings is lost, has been promised to someone else, or is simply no longer wearable. Custom designing allows you to recreate that special piece. Keep the heirlooms in the family, and keep them wearable.

Avoid the Ordinary
Why go with ordinary when you can be the creator of something extraordinary? Perhaps you have found yourself dissatisfied with what you find in ready-to-wear jewelry because, while some may come close to what you want, they don’t have that extra something to suit you. Designing a piece yourself allows you to explore all of the options and get them right: style, stone, cut, and fit. Customizing the jewelry you will be wearing or gifting allows you to tailor to a distinct personality and a set of preferences, as opposed to trying to find those aspects in something that has already been made. This makes your investment more meaningful, lasting, and treasured.

Individualize An Expression of Love
Illustrate the importance of a loved one by giving them a work of wearable art designed by you. Are you about to pop the question? Kick-up the romance a notch. Is it a gift to a graduate or a beloved family member? Show them with a singularly-designed symbol of beauty and longevity how much their presence in your life means to you. The person who receives such a gift will not soon forget it. The popularity of customized jewelry as a gift is strong, and has the ability to add that extra aspect of originality which will over any heart.

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