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The average wedding nowadays costs approximately $25,656. That’s more money than many types of brand new cars! Even for those trying to have a budget wedding, every small detail adds up to what is ultimately a large bill. What’s worse, many couples choose to go into debt in order to pay for the wedding of their dreams, meaning they hurt their credit just as they begin their lives together.

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For those interested in saving money on a wedding, it’s not as hard as it may seem. It’s possible to have a budget wedding that’s just as extravagant and enjoyable as a wedding that costs 10x what your budget is. The trick is to be crafty, and to check out these three tips on how you can save some money on your wedding (and make the honeymoon that much more enjoyable).

Avoid the florist


Paying a florist for arranged flowers can be extremely expensive and take up a significant portion of the wedding budget. However, this also happens to be one of easiest areas to save money when it comes to planning a wedding. Doing your flower décor without the help of a designer will save tons of dollars, and with all the Pinterest ideas floating around out there it’s easier than ever.

One tip is to use a lot of greens in your flower decorations, like seeded eucalyptus. In addition to having to spend less money on flowers, it also gives your displays a more organic and rustic feel. If at all possible, buy your flowers from a local farmers’ market in order to save serious money.

Utilize your friends and family


Instead of paying a calligrapher to address your invites, a DJ to host the reception, and a photographer to take pictures of everything, why not utilize your friends and family to help with some of these things? Chances are you’ve got a friend who is into photography and wouldn’t mind snapping a few shots during the wedding. You also probably have a friend with great handwriting who would be happy to help out with addressing some of your invitations.

Don’t lean on your friends and family too much, as you don’t want to take advantage of them. And make sure they are well aware of how much you appreciate their help. In fact, make sure you reward the wedding party with unique bridesmaid gifts and interesting groomsmen gifts as a way of showing your thanks. It’s a much appreciated gesture for those that will be doing a lot for your wedding.

Have a “DIY” officiant


When planning a wedding, it’s easy to see how just about every single item costs money (and a lot of money at that). One cost that actually tends to be rather high is booking an officiant. If you want to save some money on the officiant, consider having a close friend or family member administer your vows.

It’s easy to become ordained as an official officiant for a wedding. In fact, there are some websites where it can be done for free and in as little as five minutes. Most states recognize weddings performed by any individual as long as they are ordained, and it in fact can be even more personal than having an officiant who you aren’t very familiar with. Just make sure everybody practices, so there are no slip-ups during the ceremony!


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