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Do you want your wedding to be memorable for not only you, but for your guests? Then hire a marquee! A marquee wedding can be one of the most beautiful, memorable experiences for you and your guest. Here are some pointers, and an explanation of why marquees are perfect for weddings.

Outdoor Weddings

A popular trend is toward outdoor weddings. This, of course, can be a problem if you live in an area with “iffy” weather. The problem, however, can be mostly solved with a marquee. Spring and summer weddings don’t have to subject your guests and wedding party to harsh, direct sunlight. With a marquee, they enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while being in the shade of a rippling, lovely marquee. If it looks like there might be a rain shower, so much the better, because you are all secure and dry, surrounded by the beauty of a light rain. You can even lower the sides of the marquee, creating a tent if the weather gets too rambunctious. The versatility of a marquee makes it a perfect adaptation for your outdoor wedding. You can even get married outdoors in the winter! In fact, you can even request a marquee with a floor, or have a floor added. This may be preferable if the area where you’re setting up the marquee doesn’t have healthy grass this year as in the past, or if the grass needs to be protected.

Open To Interpretation

When you get married indoors, you are constrained by the interior decorating style of your surroundings. But, with a marquee wedding, you have a blank canvas on which to design your ceremony and reception.  Many wedding planners love marquees because they can do whatever they wish with the spaces. There is no restriction on colors or themes.

Make Room For Everyone

How many brides through the years have had to limit their guest list because of the venue? You don’t have to do that when you hire a marquee. That’s because you can hire as many marquees as you want, and accommodate as many guests as you want.

Further Services

One of the benefits that may be underestimated when hiring a marquee is that these companies often have other equipment available. The marquee rental may also have tables, chairs, lighting, and even a sound system to go with their services. Many of them will set up a dance floor. And, they set everything up themselves, and take it down afterward! Hiring all of these services from one company saves you money in the long run.

Where Do You Set Up?

All of that being said, where do you have all of this set up? What venue do you use for your marquee wedding? In some cases, a private garden gave rise to the desire to have a garden wedding. In other cases, the bride and groom may have a particular park or public garden in mind as the venue.

Contact the local government for public use spaces, and enjoy your marquee wedding.


Nina Edwards loves to write about fashion and shopping, but occasionally will choose a different topic. After looking into marquee hire for her wedding, she has come to the conclusion that this was a good topic.

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