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Word Jewelry is the New Kid on the Fashion Block

Fashion is what we make out of it. Often you would hear the world condemning some fashion trends as ultra modern or hyped. Well, if it sells then sell it. If you can carry it off then wear it. Fashion is all about what you associate your personality with. Where the rest of the rules end, there the boldness of word jewelry starts. Word jewelry has taken the market by storm and most of the buyers are young people. Word jewelry does not only express an attitude but also goes with the funky casual style statement.

What is word jewelry?

Do you remember those school days when you gifted a half heart shaped pendant to your best buddy on Friendship Day? That pendant had the first few letters of the word ‘friendship. The other half remained with you where the other half word was engraved. That was the beginning of word jewelry. Word jewelry as its name goes, is a word or a couple of words engraved on beads or metal or wood or any material. Sometimes the word is made out of metal. If you find a neck piece in which the word ‘cool’ made of metal is hanging from a black thread that is word jewelry. This trend being funky, it is also called junk or obscene word jewelry. A tiny curse-word necklace goes perfect with the floral dress you wear to the nightclub. You can also search for wristlets that flaunt a little bold word intricately designed with beads and colorful string or thread. Anklets are also common word jewelry commonly worn by youngsters.

From silly to solemn

Word jewelry can be any word. Yes, it can be any word of any language under the sun. If it fits with your wardrobe courtesy then you may find it extremely comfortable to wear it. If you are the bohemian kind or the kind of person who connects soul with hard rock or pop music then there are slang words that you can add to your fashion by combining them with torn jeans or sandblast denims. But if you are the otherwise quiet girl of your classroom who loves to party with the close friends circle, you can choose from the beads section. Letter engraved beads are arranged together to form a word and put together to form a word jewelry.

What is the best part of word jewelry?

The best part of word jewelry is that it is an accessory that comes without a rule such as silver diamond cut bracelet. You can wear it with denims, a pretty floral dress, or even with a skirt. It gives that chic look freshness and adds a unique aura to your personality. Secondly, word jewelry comes for a very affordable rate. So it is for everyone, yet not for everyone. Everyone can buy it, but not everyone can carry it off. So if you feel you are smart enough to carry it off then go for it. it says a lot about you and definitely that you aren’t to be easily messed with.

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Sophie lee has been a Jewellery Designer and manufacturing Jeweller for a long time. In that time she have experienced the industry from all angles. She is having worked in small workshops and large factories for designing exclusively Silver jewellery such as silver earring patterns, Mens rings, beautiful and trendy wedding rings.

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